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Demaco Corporation
Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, and Chemicals Terminal



Demaco Corporation, is a full service construction company and maintains a cadre of highly experienced Field Superintendents and Foremen in practically every discipline of construction. With our skilled work crews, you can count on having the best craftsmen working on your job.

The Plant Maintenance division of Demaco provides the services of career maintenance workers, who understand preventive maintenance, plant turnarounds, replacement and repair of pumps, valves, instrumentation, and other equipment. They can assist you in the daily operation of your facility. We also perform different testing options such as: Ultrasonic testing, Holiday detector, and paint thickness testing.

Demaco Engineers are capable to assume total responsibility for fast-track and "turn-key" installations, when needed, or can supplement your engineering personnel and function as members of your Project Team.

Typical Work Performed:
Demaco provides general services and  support for maintenance and construction type work performed throughout Puerto Rico.  These services are offered to every type of industry with a concentration in pharmaceutical, oil refineries, and electrical power plants.  These quality services have been performed for very satisfied customers.  Listing to be provided as per request.

Demaco performs the following type of work:

  • Abrasive blasting

  • Corrosion control

  • Industrial Painting

  • Crane and lifting operations

  • Demolition

  • Electrical work

  • Excavation and earth moving

  • Fire protection systems

  • Heavy equipment operations

  • Masonry

  • Fabrication & Steel erection

  • Fiberglass work

  • Tank construction & Inspection(API-653)

  • Pipeline construction

  • Tank insulating/coating

  • Welding and metal cutting

  • Technical consultant

Outside of its general maintenance, construction and engineering competence, Demaco's specialty services also include rubber linings for chemical tanks, chemical resistant floor, thermoplastic welding and fabrication, chemical brick laying, prefabricated plastic sumps and trenches, piping, maintenance on pressure vessels and boilers, sandblasting, painting for a wide array of protecting coatings, and repair pumps, valves, instruments and other equipment.



  • Core technical staff with engineering backgrounds, including professional engineers

  • Years of experience recruiting a skilled, reliable, and cost efficient labor

  • Highly competitive hourly rates, administrative costs, fringes, and other overhead expenses

  • Management professionals with broad experience in refineries, petrochemical plants, and power plants

  • Spanish/English bilingual capabilities in office staff and workforce

  • Skilled work crews for construction

  • Utilization of career maintenance workers for preventive maintenance, plant turnarounds, replacement and repair of pumps, valves, instruments, and other equipment

  • Broad pool of trained, qualified labor resources


Areas of Expertise:

  • ASME qualified for manufacture and assembly of power boilers and pressure vessels at plant locations and field sites.

  • Licensed by American Petroleum Institute (API) for tank inspection and certification.

  • Application of coatings and linings for tanks, piping, pumps, trenches, and floors.

  • The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessels Inspectors Certification for Stamp "R" for Repairs and/or Alterations of Boilers and Pressure Vessel

  • The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessels Inspectors Certification for Authorization.  Demaco is authorized to apply the "NB" and register boilers, pressure vessel, or other pressure retaining items with the National Board in accordance with its provisions.  The scope of Authorization is limited to items manufactured in accordance with ASME Stamps: "S" & "U"

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Certificate of Authorization Certificate "S" for the Manufacture and Assembly of Power Boilers

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Certificate of Authorization Certificate "U" for the Manufacture of Pressure Vessels

  • American Petroleum Institute API 653 Certification for Tanks Inspection

  • Inspection and Repair of Propane Gas Cargo Tanks (DOT Certified)

  • Member of Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC)


  • Outdoor & Indoor storage areas are essentially unlimited, secure, and guarded.

  • Comprehensive assortment of tools in broad size ranges with secure tool room storage.

  • Largest fabrication shop in the southern region of Puerto Rico, with sufficient space to handle quantities of piping, construction materials, tools, and equipment. 10 Ton Overhead Crane to facilitate work within the fabrication shop.

Company Policies:

  • Quality Policy

  • Welders Quality Manual

  • Environmental Protection Policy

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy

  • Community Right to Know Policy

  • Workplace Violence/Sexual Harassment Policy

  • Disciplinary Actions Policy


  • In-house OSHA outreach trainer with OTI-500 & OTI-501 credentials

  • 10-30Hour OSHA Outreach course in Construction and General Industry

  • Hazard Communications; HAZWOPER

  • Risk Management

  • Process Safety Management

  • Job Safety/Hazard Analysis

  • Heavy Equipment Training and certification(Fork Lift, Cranes, Trucks)

  • Welding and cutting certifications

  • Six Sigma




Construction and installation of all off-site coded pipelines required to operate Eco-Electrica Power Plant,  consisting of:

  • 3.4 miles of 8" C.S. pipe for LPG from a nearby storage plant (ProCaribe) to Eco-Electrica, including a below-grade river crossing

  • 1.1 miles of 24" API - 5L X 60 pipes and 0.7 miles of 20" API - 5L X 60 to South Coast Power Plant for LNG

  • 3,500 L.F. of 8" C.S pipe for fuel oil running from former UCC Dock to Eco-Electrica

  • 2 miles of 8" type 304 stainless steel pipe from  Desalinated Water Plant to South Coast Power Plant.

  • 2 miles of 10" cement lined C.S. pipe for potable water from Eco-Electrica to Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) connecting point.

Construction of 230 KV Transmission Line Foundations in Eco Electrica Which Included:

  • 29(each) concrete structures for giant transmission towers

  • Piles-driving for all structures

  • Demolition of some existing structures on the way

Provide all Labor, Supervision and Management to Install all Equipment and all  Plant Associated Piping in Eco Electrica such as:

  • All sizes of bore piping.

  • Carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel piping.

  • Set in place, align and grout of all equipment, including rotary.

  • All structures, hangers and supports as required.



  • Repairs to boiler Cleaver Brooks 250 HP - Rico, Las Piedras, PR

  • Repairs and modifications to Economizer Vent Piping at HRSG #2, Eco Electrica, Pe˝uelas, PR

  • Repair 12" id - 150# nozzle cracked weld.  Remove, weld, and reinstall nozzle on top head of reactor at 110, BASF, Manati, PR

  • Remove and reinstall two 3 ft. long pieces of pipe at HRSG #1 at Eco Electrica, Pe˝uelas, PR

  • Repair DS-1 Desuper Heater at HRSG #1 at Eco Electrica, Pe˝uelas, PR



  • Demaco has a vast experience in the removal and replacement of protective coatings in retaining dikes, ponds, and floors in sulfuric acid, caustic, and hydrochloric acid service

  • Concrete floor repair and installation of protective coatings

  • Rubber lining on storage tanks of all sizes